Federal Cartels Office Gives Go-Ahead For Lufthansa Shareholding In Eurowings

Approval linked with conditions
The Federal Cartels Office has today given the go-ahead for Lufthansa to acquire a 49 per cent stake in Eurowings Luftverkehrs AG.
Lufthansa welcomes the decision not to block the collaboration between the two airlines. However, the regulatory body has imposed a series of conditions. Since these still require closer financial and legal evaluation, Lufthansa is unable to comment on them at present. 

On 1 January 2001 Lufthansa took out a 24.9 per cent stake in Eurowings. It additionally has an option, which can be exercised at the earliest in winter 2003/2004, to buy a further 24.1 per cent of the airline`s shares. The full transaction has been pending approval by the Federal Cartels Office since November 2000. Lufthansa and Eurowings have been cooperating since the beginning of the summer schedule (March 2001) on a total of 39 domestic German and intra-European routes.