SolarNet Announces Completion of Connection to Worldspan GDS

(Solars Computing Systems) has announced the completion of SolarNet`s direct connection to the Worldspan GDS.
connected agents worldwide have 24/7 desktop access to SolarNet, free of charge.

Up until last year, SolarNet was dependent upon a third party provider for its connectivity to the major GDS networks. SolarNet changed this last year, as part of its long-term corporate strategy, entering into direct connectivity agreements with all four major GDS networks. With the direct connection to Worldspan now live, SolarNet has completed three of the four direct GDS network connections in its Toronto Network Data Center.


“The new direct high-speed connections remove SolarNet`s dependence on any third party provider, creating a state of the art, reliable, platform from which to expand our business alliances and the market initiatives we are working on,” stated Andrew O`Leary
, President and CEO, of SolarNet.

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