Continental Airlines Adds Fee For Paper Tickets

Starting November 1st, Continental Airlines (NYSE:
CAL) will add a $10 fee per passenger for paper tickets purchased from
Continental ticket outlets when the travel itinerary qualifies for
electronic ticketing. 
In Canada, the fee is $15 CAD, and in Great Britain,
the fee is ? 7 GBP.  In all other countries, the fee is $10 USD converted
into the local currency.  The fee applies to paper tickets issued by, Continental Airlines reservations centers, city ticket
offices, and airport ticket offices.  The fee does not apply to tickets
issued by travel agents, tickets issued for groups, or tickets issued on
Government contracted fares.

“Consistent with our desire to provide travelers with a choice of options
that suits them best, we are continuing to offer paper tickets, albeit with
a fee,” a spokesperson said.
Continental Airlines implemented this paper ticket fee to offset the
processing costs associated with paper tickets.  Processing costs associated
with paper tickets include additional paper ticket stock, manual collection
and packaging at the gate, and manual processing at a centralized
ticket-processing center.