Introduction Of Security And Insurance Surcharge

British Airways is to introduce a passenger surcharge on all flights to help recoup some of the costs of additional security and insurance measures which have been taken, in line with government guidelines, since 11 September.

The airline joins more than 124 airlines worldwide who have introduced a security and insurance surcharge since the US attacks.

The surcharge will be £2.50 ($4) on each one-way journey sector and will be added to all tickets issued from 9 November 2001 onwards. It applies to all passengers, including children and infants, on both international and domestic flights.

Additional measures that have been introduced since 11 September include extra baggage searches , increased security around aircraft while on the ground and reinforced cockpit doors. The airline’s insurance premiums have also gone up significantly.

“Safety and security is our number one priority and we hope that our passengers will understand why, in the current circumstances, we have introduced this surcharge,” says Dale Moss, director of sales worldwide. “Security and insurance costs have risen throughout the airline industry and it is important that our business responds to these changes in order to maintain the highest levels of security for our passengers.”