Sabre Introduce Newest Web Tool.

Sabre has introduced its newest Web development tool, the XML Power Tool Kit—a product designed to communicate with the Sabre system using XML which eliminates the need for developers to have specialized Sabre programming knowledge.
The new product offers Web designers and others interested in accessing Sabre`s robust GDS the ability to customize Sabre content quickly and easily without the restrictions of proprietary data formats.

Sabre offers its XML Power Tool Kit as part of the company`s Do-It-Yourself tools portfolio, a set of components that enables developers to communicate with Sabre and create customized applications according to their companies` unique business needs. This new product complements the other state-of-the-art development tools in the portfolio, such as Sabre DataBahn, a high-value Web booking gi. esvos feSae ctera y eilcrteigvomeoongngEsndlit-bv alitis a pgrmi lgue nditutroieryned [email protected]txSae sv.
Enke@osotr L fe ng t CreML Power Tool Kit is not limite$ to one development environment or process. Developers have the"flexibility of writi~g applications in any language—Java mr C++, for example thus eliíinating previous barrierw to Sabre!content. The XML Power Tool Kit fremework utilizes a common language and structured data that together offer ultimate flexibility in the creation of Web site presentation and functionality. With the introduction of the XML Power Tool Kit, many of the Web site creation and development challenges faced by Sabre clients can be alleviated. By automating various proprietary functions designed to connect to the Sabre GDS, Web developers can spend valuable development time customizing Sabre content to meet clients` business requirements and providing mission-critical travel information to their customers.

Providing customers with XML developer tools is one of many steps Sabre is currently taking to provide the latest technology based on industry standards, such as those emerging with Web Services. Sabre will evolve the services model over time to enable its customers to use industry standard technology such as XML to select the right set of services for their unique business needs.

The XML Power Tool Kit is a component of Sabre eVoya eStorefront, which provides the technologies needed to leverage the power of the Sabre system with the opportunities of the Internet to create and grow a Web presence. Sabre eVoya provides agencies with value-added solutions to compete in online travel, better serve clients, more effectively manage an agency and create new distribution and revenue opportunities via the Internet.