Conference Board/BEST Initiates Online Information ClearingHouse To Aid Recovery Efforts

Business Enterprises For Sustainable Travel
(BEST), a joint initiative of The Conference Board and the World Travel &
Tourism Council, has formed an online “Disaster and Recovery Information
Clearinghouse” in conjunction with The Canadian Tourism Research Institute
of The Conference Board Canada. 
BEST`s Web site,
now features information on the initiatives that travel-related companies
around the world are taking in response to the recent attacks on the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon.  BEST serves as a leading source of knowledge
on innovative travel practices that advance the interests of communities,
businesses, and travelers.

BEST invites travel-related companies—hotels, airlines, restaurants,
travel agencies, car rental businesses, cruise lines, tour operators and
others—to submit information on what they have done. Businesses
interested in having their company`s efforts included in this information
resource are invited to e-mail any relevant information to
[email protected]

Through both small and large acts of compassion, the travel industry is
helping victims at their time of greatest need. These efforts have provided
a sense of community to the affected and an example of positive action to
others who feel an understandable sense of hopelessness in face of a tragedy
of such immense proportions.