Simpler Networks Enters Hospitality Industry with the Simpler Switchman 200, Enabling the Most Cost-

Simpler Networks, the Montreal-based telecommunications company that specializes in copper loop management, today announced that it has entered a strategic OEM agreement with ARESCOM, Inc., a global provider of broadband infrastructure equipment for the Internet marketplace, to provide the hospitality industry with the most cost-efficient solution available for high-speed Internet provisioning.
ARESCOM, Inc. has also announced that it has placed its first order of $1.4 million US for the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 unit, the only scaleable solution that maximizes telecom infrastructure usage. For the first time, hotels are now able to cost-effectively offer high-speed Internet service in every guest room.
“Our new long-term relationship with Simpler Networks ensures a powerful market entry for an overall solution that will increase functionality and reduce costs for clients in the hospitality, MTU, and MDU business,” said Walter Allen, Director, North America, CDS Sales, ARESCOM, Inc.
“The Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 and its unique benefits are an important aspect of our capability to provide total infrastructure for distribution of broadband services,” he explains, “and provides ARESCOM, Inc. with the opportunity to leverage our success as a leading vendor of CPE solutions to provide total infrastructure for the distribution of broadband services.”
ARESCOM, Inc. will implement 300 of the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 units over a period of six months, providing a total of approximately 45,000 hotel rooms with high-speed Internet access. Crawford Suites, a contemporary business resident hotel located in the heart of California`s Silicon Valley, is among the first hotels to choose the broadband solution constructed by ARESCOM, Inc. and enabled by the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 technology. The hotel expects to apply this cost-effective solution to all 127 guest suites and three state-of-the-art meeting rooms by July.
Both Crawford Suites and Inns of America, a holding company also implementing the ARESCOM broadband solution, demonstrate how smaller hotel chains are leading the way in advance of the larger chains regarding efficient high-speed Internet access provisioning.
The Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 Solution to Cost-Effective Internet Access.
“While an increasing number of business travelers are demanding high-speed Internet access when on the road, property managers and service providers are hard pressed to justify the capital expense of installing high-speed Internet access in each room when only 3% to 7% usage is currently realized every night,” explains Bill Martin, Vice President Account Management of Simpler Networks.
“Hotels have had to choose between limiting high-speed Internet access to only a few rooms and adding complexity to room inventory management, or providing access in all rooms by spending significantly more on hardware than can quickly be recouped.”
“Now hotels have a better alternative. The Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 provides the most cost-effective way to optimize existing telecom/Internet infrastructure in scale with current demand and revenue,” Martin concludes.
Up until now, each high-speed enabled room required a modem and a corresponding DSLAM port installed in the telecom room. So, if a hotel had 200 rooms, each room would be equipped with a modem, and 200 corresponding DSLAM ports would be installed in the telecom room. However, inserting the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 solution into the telecommunications loop creates a “funnel effect,” enabling 200 rooms to share a pool of 1 to 48 DSLAM ports. This first-mover technology delivers a 30% to 70% savings in overall hardware costs while allowing hotels to enable high-speed Internet access to every room.
The Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 first-mover technology also provides additional benefits, such as:
Deployment in every room also increases the potential take rate for the hotels, no longer limiting access to executive floors or suites;
in addition, since all rooms have access to this service, staff does not have to manage room inventory; the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 improves the rate of return by dramatically reducing the capital investment; the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 allows the hotel`s capital investment to remain in step with the take rate and corresponding revenue stream;
the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 allows seamless scalability to meet increasing demand;
The Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 ensures reliable, instantaneous connections;
the Simpler Switchman(TM) 200 solution reduces the amount of equipment needed and thus space and power requirements.