Songlines launches musical journeys

Tango in Buenos Aires, flamenco in Seville, salsa in Havana or the thrilling sounds of a regional festival in Rajasthan - music is a great way into other cultures and a great reason to travel. With this in mind, Songlines Music Travel is launching an exciting series of music itineraries around the world.We are in touch with the world’s most exciting music and we’ve got together with The Tailor-Made Groups Company, one of the most experienced operators in the business. With specialist music knowledge and unrivalled contacts, Songlines Music Travel is set to create special itineraries for small groups of 10 to 20 people that go beneath the surface to offer intimate and memorable musical experiences. Each trip is led by a Songlines Travel Leader and may include private concerts, jam sessions and meetings with musicians and instrument-makers. Nothing beats experiencing music where it belongs - with the food, the ambience and the local audience. And of course, it’s not exclusively about the music, but also the historic, cultural and culinary highlights along the way.

Already planned are trips to the flamenco Biennale in Seville, fado in Lisbon, tango in Buenos Aires, a musical trail across Cuba, the Cervantino Festival in Mexico, The Jerusalem Oud Festival, musical trips to Bamako in Mali and Dakar in Senegal, as well as salsa dancing in Mallorca and Cuba. Plus others will be announced soon.

From Sarawak to Timbuktu, Cuba to Zanzibar, the growth of music festivals demonstrates the growing awareness of the benefits of cultural tourism. There’s lots of fantastic music out there, but it’s not always so easy to find. Who would guess that some of the best djemb√©s in West Africa are made on a patch of wasteland beside a roundabout in Bamako? That’s where Songlines Music Travel steps in.