Kaos confirms Room Angel deals

Kaos Solutions has confirmed distribution agreements that will result in its ‘Room Angel’ hotel booking application being introduced in the Americas and Africa.Room Angel’ is a ‘light-traffic transaction’ system, which replaces the need for access to the internet to make an electronic hotel booking.  The application can be offered by hotel chains or other lodging providers as a speciality service, allowing guests quick access to their network of hotels, from the convenience of mobile phones.

The agreements with ADM Booking LLC in the Americas and Mikadaga Technology Limited in Africa, will deliver rapid expansion of the ‘Room Angel’ room-booking application, which was launched earlier this year in the U.K.

Kaos Solutions distributors will target the hospitality sector in the U.S. and Southern Africa in particular. The distributors will demonstrate how ‘Room Angel’ meets the current demand from hotel and leisure operators for a unique, immediate, mobile room booking method, which also offers the same discounted savings that booking rooms on the internet provides.

David Hoggard, Managing Director of Kaos Solutions, said:  “Creating a world-wide distribution rights network is a quick and effective route to introducing ‘Room Angel’ into new and prosperous markets. 

“The hospitality market’s appetite for alternative room booking technology is growing and the initial response to our SMS-based system is very positive.  Our distributors recognise the potential and opportunities for ‘Room Angel’ in the US and Africa and we are now in the process of expanding the network in other areas of the world.”


‘Room Angel’ utilises the SMS (short message service) system, which is usually used to deliver text messages, rather than a mobile phone’s internet web-browser to make room bookings.  This enables the offering to be available to wireless users with almost any type of phone, whether or not their phones have internet browsing capabilities. The technology is available as a software application that “lives” in a mobile phone’s menu, similar to a music player or a Bluetooth application.

‘Room Angel’ requires a one-time only download onto the phone. It then uses a roll-and click interface with pre-determined default settings to quickly and easily custom-build each specific request for a specific trip or hotel stay, just by clicking desired options.

Once the request is sent, the system asks the lodging provider to match the request, the phone receives and displays an offer almost instantly, and the customer will typically accept or decline the reservation offer.

Upon acceptance, the system sends a reservation confirmation number to the phone, as well as to the customer’s email. The process can take less than one minute, which is significant considering the time that is required to look for a room reservation on the internet or a mobile phone web browser, or negotiate with a call centre.

Frank Morales, founder of ADM Booking LLC, said: “We’re seeing a significant growth of interest in mobile transactions and I believe that this will become the dominant method for booking a hotel room over the next few years.  We plan on facilitating this revolution by creating a reseller network across our territory to help distribute this innovative technology.”

Gareth Ziyambi, a Principal Director of Mikadaga Technology Limited stated: “The mobile phone has become the leading communication device of choice around the world, but there has been a huge conflict in trying to acclimate the appearance and transactional capabilities of a web-browser, which was primarily designed for a computer, onto a device that was primarily designed for communication.

“This bespoke light-traffic transaction enables the room booking process to be quick, simple, and eliminates users’ reliance on inconsistent mobile phone-based internet access. Many African territories are more advanced in mobile networks than traditional cable-based infrastructures and many mobile phone users do not necessary have smart phones with internet browsing capabilities. This technology plays right into both of those scenarios.”