Czech begins Prague service

Czech Airlines has officially linked Prague and Strasbourg, the seat of several European institutions. The company will offer nine flights times a week. Departure times have been chosen primarily to suit business passengers from the Czech Republic, but also other East European countries. At the end of last year Czech Airlines won the public tender for this prestigious route.

“Czech Airlines expects the new flights to Strasbourg to be used mainly by business people and officials on business trips to European institutions. The flight schedule was set to enable also one-day business meetings,” said Vice-President of Marketing and Product Development at Czech Airlines, Petr Pi?tělák, commenting on the new route. By transferring in Prague, new flights will also offer an ideal connection for passengers from new EU member states. For example, it will allow Euro-officials from Warsaw, Budapest, Sofia or Bucharest to take part in the meetings of European institutions. Strasbourg can also be a transfer point for connecting flights to other destinations within France, such as Bordeaux. As well as planned flights from Prague to Strasbourg, Czech Airlines also flies to the capital of the European Union, Brussels, three times a day.

In addition to flights to Strasbourg, Czech Airlines also currently offers four flights a day from Prague to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and has recently started offering direct flights to Prague from Marseille. As part of our code-sharing partnership with Air France, Czech Airlines« passengers can also take advantage of three other daily flights from Prague to Paris and two daily flights to Lyon. With a transfer in Paris or Lyon, Czech Airlines also offers connections to Toulouse, Nice or Mulhouse as part of the code-sharing partnership with Air France.

In 2007, Czech Airlines flew a total of 290,000 passengers between the Czech Republic and France. Year-on-year the number rose by more than eight percent.