Comtec in charity focus

The Travel Foundation has teamed up with Comtec to add the charity’s donation collecting scheme to their widely-used TravelCat Agency Management System.  The collaboration now makes it possible for many more agents across the UK to support The Travel Foundation by asking their customers to make a small donation when they book their holiday.

Over a million British holidaymakers already choose to make a donation to the Travel Foundation when booking their holiday, supporting its work to protect holiday destinations worldwide. 

Says The Travel Foundation’s Head of Corporate Partnerships David Cowell, “Many travel agents had expressed their wish to support the Travel Foundation, but were previously unable to do so because the charity’s opt-out scheme wasn’t available in their booking system.  TravelCat has booking prompt and miscellaneous transaction functionality for handling Travel Foundation transactions; if a Travelcat user wishes to solicit TF donations, they can simply “switch on” the feature by setting it up as easily as if the Travel Foundation were any new supplier.  It is therefore easy for the agency manager to do without any cost or IT development work.

“We’re really appreciative of the effort that Comtec have put in to make this possible.  Comtec’s TravelCat system is responsible for half the packages sold via travel agents so this is a massive step forward for our fund raising efforts” he added.

Richard Turner, Comtec Account Director, commented: “TravelCat is designed to enable travel agents to manage every aspect of their business. We’re delighted therefore to be able to support this initiative and make it far easier for our customers to support the excellent work of The Travel Foundation”.