CheapHolidayDeals adds content has launched a new website featuring holiday news and independent destination reviews. The new site can be viewed at The purpose of the new site is to develop a community of informed bargain holiday seekers and its launch represents the first advance by IBG (owners and operators of into the mushrooming area of user-generated content.

Visitors to the new site are able to access regularly updated articles on a range of holiday destinations as well as developments with the UK’s major tour operators. At launch, there are over 50 articles covering topics ranging from Turkey challenging Spain’s dominance as the prime holiday destination, to a music festival taking place near Cancun. New articles are to be added at a rate of 50-60 per month, promising to make one of the most comprehensive holiday news services aimed the UK traveller.

The focus and key differentiator of’s user-generated reviews is independence. The new facility enables holiday makers to share their thoughts on the resorts they’ve visited and so help those planning their next holiday to select the most suitable option for them. A strategic decision has been taken to deliver resort reviews, as opposed to individual property reviews, in order to enable ease of reference and assist decision making independently of supplier and budget. The reviews will be managed and monitored solely by CheapHolidayDeals, to ensure it remains truly independent.

Nic Costa, IBG’s Marketing Director, says, “ already enjoys a unique market position as a browsing-based holiday deal site, as opposed to the rest of the market which is search based.  The addition of News and Reviews is an important development because it strengthens and further distinguishes our market position.  The addition of this substantial news resource will deliver independent inspiration and information for UK travellers.”

“Our decision to focus on resort-level reviews is aimed at filling a gap in the market. We feel that we can engage our existing travellers to help their peers distinguish between which resorts to got to, rather than which specific hotels to stay in. For example, many people need advice on whether they should holiday in Palma Nova or Magaluf when going on a holiday to Majorca. The final choice of specific property is as likely to be down to the deals available at the time of booking.”