Jamaica launches new tourism portal

A new information portal giving a comprehensive insight into Jamaica’s tourist industry has been launched by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB).The Tourism Information Publishing Site (TIPS) is available on www.jtbonline.org.

The website is full of images, information, and statistics, in spreadsheet and graphic format. Although it has been set up primarily for Jamaica’s stakeholders and interested media, it has been designed in a particularly user-friendly format to appeal to members of the public too.

Elizabeth Fox, JTB regional director for UK & Northern Europe says: “Never before has it been so easy to find out so much about a country’s efforts to promote itself to the tourist industry.  I urge anyone who is interested in Jamaica to use it, to find out what our flourishing tourist industry has to offer - not only travel agents, tour operators and journalists, but members of the public too, from students to the Diaspora - Jamaicans living around the world.”

Daily news, events, reports and statistics pertaining to Jamaica’s tourism, past, present and future can be found on the information-rich site.  Within the image bank there are thousands of quality images depicting life and the scenery of the largest country in the English-speaking Caribbean. A large number of these are available for immediate download, with others available by order, subject to certain restrictions. 



Basil Smith, director of tourism for the JTB adds: “This underlines the JTB’S commitment to lead the charge in the information age by using today’s technology to provide the public with more and better information in greater detail than ever before.”


The public has free access to all of TIP’s information features and image banks - see below for a selection of images.  There are also special features and services that are available to partners in the tourism sector that are accessible by password.




Enhancements are continually being made to the site, with information available in sound and video streaming formats.


The Jamaican Tourist Board will continue to market itself to holidaymakers worldwide through its promotional website www.visitjamaica.com