FT publishes report on corporate aviation

The Financial Times will publish a special report on September 25, 2007, titled ‘Corporate Aviation’. This report, which will offer a snapshot of the corporate aviation industry, will, for the first time, offer an executive’s guide to buying or leasing a corporate jet.

This report will be distributed as a special supplement in all four print editions of the FT with additional distribution at the NBAA 60th Annual Meeting & Convention, September 25-27, 2007 in Atlanta.

Corporate aviation is booming around the world, propelled by rising corporate profitability and growing realization by businesses that time and efficiency can be improved by not relying on public or road transport systems that are increasingly subject to delays and long journey times. This special report that serves as a user’s or buyer’s guide, looks at the challenges and opportunities for the corporate aviation industry.

  This report will address the following:
  Section 1: How to Travel
  — Business-only airlines
  — Very Light Jets
  — Personal jets
  — Review of new jets on the market
  Section 2: How to Buy
  — Purchase
  — Lease
  — Fractional ownership
  Section 3: What to Look For
  — How to Choose
  — Interior options
  — Environment
  Section 4: Private Jets and Me
  — Interviews with senior executives
  Section 5: Tomorrow’s World
  — Reviews on upcoming development in the industry