icableholder gets enhancements

icableholder.com is releasing an enhanced version of its premium in-room desk product; the icableholder.

The key enhancement, which is based on customer feedback, is the incorporation of a base plate, which can be used to lock the icableholder to the in-room desk, to prevent its removal by guests.

The new version retains the stylishly designed soft curved shape and hard-wearing metallic top with durable non slip base, which has lead to the success of the product.

Since its launch last year, the icableholder has been installed in over 50,000 hotel rooms in the United States, Dubai, Doha, Qatar, India, Egypt, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and has been selected as a brand standard by many hotel groups and Broadband suppliers.

The icableholder was designed specifically for the hotel industry to be both smart looking as well as exceptionally functional for presenting the in-room guest broadband data cable - now common in hotel rooms the world over.