Hong Kong sees double digit growth

Hong Kong’s tourism board announces that inbound tourism generated HKD10 billion more than expected for 2005/2006. A huge increase in traffic from the Middle East is thanked.

The total increase in tourism expenditure associated to inbound tourism (TEAIT) exceeded projections by HK$10 billion in 2005 and 2006.

Family and business arrivals saw double-digit growth in 2006, compared with 2004.

Overall arrivals to Hong Kong grew by 8.1% in 2006.

The Middle East showed double digit growth for the time period Dec 2005 and Dec 2006. The Middle East as a whole showed a 41.5% increase in traffic, traffic from the UAE grew 23.5%.


Provisional figures issued by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) show that the financial contribution from inbound tourism to Hong Kong’s economy in 2005 and 2006 should exceed projections by around HK$10 billion. Total expenditure associated to inbound tourism is likely to reach $117.3 billion in 2006, compared with an estimated HK$114.7 billion. Provisional per capita spending by same-day arrivals to Hong Kong in 2006 also grew to around HK$1,000, an increase of about HK$300 compared with 2004.

The period from December 2005 to December 2006 saw a rise of 41.5% with regards to travel from the Middle East to Hong Kong. This means that the total amount of people visiting Hong Kong from the region grew from just over eight and a half thousand to over twelve thousand.

The tourism industry’s focus has resulted in an increase of around 30% in arrivals to conventions and exhibitions in 2006, compared with 2004. Arrivals by family visitors also grew by 13% compared with 2004, with visits by children aged 16 and under increasing by 30%.

Hong Kong is the gateway to China. UAE visitors to Hong Kong can enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer in terms of shopping, food, attractions, history and culture. With Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park Hong Kong the city is an ideal destination for families.

Hong Kong has been a trading hub similar to Dubai and trading between the UAE and China has seen considerable growth in the last couple of years. To cater to customer demand, effective 1st February 2007, Cathay Pacific added 11 freighter flights per week connecting Hong Kong and Dubai.

Cathay Pacific’s Country Manager for UAE and Oman, Mr James Evans said: ‘Dubai is an important cargo market for Hong Kong and we are very pleased to be able to further strengthen our presence in the UAE through these additional flights. We believe the enhanced services will help us to better meet demand between Dubai, Hong Kong/Mainland China & Europe.’

In October 2006 Cathay Pacific re-aligned its passenger flight schedule and now offers 10 non-stop flights between Dubai and Hong Kong per week with options of early evening departures and midnight departures. There are 4 additional flights to the above which route Dubai to Hong Kong via Mumbai and Bangkok. With Dragonair, being a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, it can now fly passengers to 19 destinations in Mainland China.

Cathay Pacific Airways is over 60years in this business and in 2007 will mark its 30 years of flying into UAE in 2007.