Dedicated video travel site launches

Travelistic has been unveiled, claiming to offer more videos that any other travel site, covering hundreds of destinations—with videos from Vancouver to Vienna, Rio to Reykjavik, Seattle to Shanghai! Catering to the passionate travel audience, Travelistic offers a rich combination of user-generated video, broadcast quality TV video and original, online-only programming—much of which has never been seen before in the U.S. or online.

Founded by CEO Nicholas Butterworth (former President and CEO of MTVi) and VP of Technology and Product Development Tatum Lade (former VP of Technology at iFilm), Travelistic understands how to create compelling online video experiences for passionate communities.

Travelistic takes the virtual voyager to the most interesting destinations from across the globe—from sampling Scotch along the Whiskey Trail ( ) to zip lining through the Costa Rican rainforest ( ; ); from an aerial safari across the Serengeti ( ) to desert hikes in Palm Springs ( ). The Travelistic traveler decides how and when they depart and arrive—when to watch where they’re going.

“Travel is all about personal connections, and Travelistic connects people by providing them the opportunity to tell their life-changing travel stories through video,” said Nicholas Butterworth, Founder and CEO. “We offer a free boarding pass to the best of what’s been shot, allowing like-minded travelers to share where they’ve been and watch where they want to go.

“Travelistic is about ubiquity, not exclusivity,” continued Butterworth. “We want our viewers to see where video can take them, and so we seek out and welcome video from truly anywhere.”


Travelistic has been adding 20 new destinations and more than 100 new videos each week—including videos from more than 120 Boards of Tourism—and is currently in discussions with many of the top travel and hospitality properties to bring their videos to the site. Travelistic’s first original program will be a weekly travel news show, with a host selected from users uploading content. Highlights of current programming include: