Website helps mobile devices

Users of Web-enabled mobile devices will be able to read and surf Websites, as easily as they can from their home computers using and click on what they want to read and see.
With its launch today, becomes the first site to browse and display Web content in a way that’s completely user-friendly for busy Web- enabled mobile handheld device users seeking information from and access to the sites they rely on when at their desktops or laptops.

Frustration of Using the Web with Mobile Devices is Eliminated

“Mobile access to the Internet has been available for years, but actually trying to use the Internet from a Web-enabled mobile handheld device has remained a frustrating experience. Because the vast majority of Websites are not optimized for mobile viewing, their pages display poorly on handhelds and are difficult to navigate. Graphic-intensive Web pages are particularly painful to download and view from a Web-enabled mobile device. All of this results in a decidedly sub-par Internet experience for the mobile user,” said Keith Gerard, founder and president of Acts as a Browser - Optimizing Popular Sites for Handheld Devices

Using and benefiting from doesn’t require downloading, new software or lengthy registration. Users simply go to and select sites they want to read and use with their Web-enabled mobile devices—right then and there. There is no charge to use


Unlocking the Full Potential of Mobile Internet Access

“ lets busy people who rely on mobile devices finally unlock the potential of mobile Internet access. They can surf to their favorite Websites, search for information, do email and even read and update blogs in real time, and they can do it all comfortably because optimizes the Websites they are visiting for display on Web-enabled mobile devices. Any mDogged site they choose to visit will download quickly and display perfectly on their mobile screen,” said Mr. Gerard.

Most Popular Sites Accessible From One Place

He added, “One of the clear benefits of is that so many popular sites are available and accessible right there at While a few sites have themselves created mobile versions, with their own URLs, getting to them is awkward. At, you select and read a whole host of sites has optimized, including and The Wall Street Journal’s - and do it with just a couple of clicks on your Blackberry, Treo, Motorola Q or other Web-enabled mobile device.”


Any Web-enabled mobile user can use whenever he or she wants. Users simply point their mobile Web browsers to and begin surfing the Web. Users also have the option of personalizing their experience by selecting favorite sources of news, sports, entertainment, as well as other Internet destinations, including blogs. Users who personalize receive a unique URL (e.g. that will take them to their own customized site. If they don’t personalize, they get to choose from all offerings whenever they go to the site.

“Once you’ve directed your mobile Web browser to, does all of the work in terms of delivering the Web pages you want to see in a format that’s clean, quickly downloadable—and perfectly configured for viewing on a Web-enabled mobile device, such as a Blackberry, Treo or Motorola Q,” said Mr. Gerard.

Less Need to Lug a Laptop

According to Mr. Gerard, the experience is transformative.

He added, “I started because, as a heavy mobile user myself, I was frustrated by the quality—or lack thereof—of the user experience. So I wanted to create a way to dynamically access content from anywhere, without having to lug my laptop with me. is the culmination of this effort. By simply directing your mobile Web browser to a single Internet destination,, you can have what until now has been just a dream—true mobile access to the Internet from your Web-enabled mobile device.”