Air Arabia adds flights to Egypt

Air Arabia LLC is to offer extra flights to three Egyptian destinations in response to increasing customer demand. The additional flights are part of the airline’s efforts to offer more convenient and affordable access to Egyptian cities of Alexandria, Assiut and Luxor.

The extra flights to Alexandria scheduled from Sharjah on August 17, 26 and 31 at 6.30pm, arriving at Alexandria at 10.10pm (local time). The return flights will take off from Alexandria at 10.55pm, landing at Sharjah at 2.25am. Air Arabia will also operate extra flights to Alexandria on August 23, 25 and September 1, which will depart Sharjah at 4.40am to reach Alexandria at 8.20am (local time). The return flights take off from Alexandria at 9.05am to land in Sharjah at 12.35pm.

To Luxor, Air Arabia has pressed additional services on August 19 and 24, take off from Sharjah at 6.30pm to arrive at Luxor at 10.10pm (local time). The return flights will take off from Luxor at 10.55pm and land in Sharjah at 2.15am. The airline will also operate extra flights to Luxor on August 30, which will take off from Sharjah at 4.40am, arriving at Luxor at 8.20am. The return flight will depart Luxor at 9.05am to land at Sharjah at 12.25pm.

To Assiut, the additional flights will be operated on August 21 and 28, which take off from Sharjah at 4.40am, landing in Assiut at 8.10am (local time). The return flights on both the days depart Assiut at 8.55am, arriving at Sharjah at 12.25pm.

In his comments on the extra flights to and from Egyptian cities, Mr. Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia, said:


“We have decided to operate additional flights to Alexandria, Assiut and Luxor in order to cope with the increasing customer demand. The enhanced air link with the Egyptian cities is a testament to our quality of service and regional network and we are thankful to the civil aviation authorities in Egypt for giving us the go-ahead for additional services.”

He added: ‘We are confident that these flights will benefit both the frequent business traveler, as well as provide more options for those traveling on holiday or to visit friends and family. We are committed to offering our travel services to a wider base of customers around the region and look forward to expanding our network and frequency to existing destinations.’

Current Air Arabia destinations include Aleppo and Damascus (Syria); Alexandria, Assiut, Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt); Amman (Jordan); Astana and Almaty (Kazakhstan); Bahrain; Beirut (Lebanon); Colombo (Sri Lanka); Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh (KSA), Doha (Qatar); Istanbul (Turkey); Kabul (Afghanistan); Khartoum (Sudan); Kuwait; Jaipur, Kochi Mumbai and Nagpur (India); Muscat (Oman); Sana’a (Yemen); Sharjah (UAE) and Tehran (Iran).