Amtrak in digital entertainment drive

Amtrak is rolling out Railway Media rental kiosks at stations accross the US in a bid to expand the availability of the portable digEplayer system.

Previously, digEplayers were available only to Amtrak Auto Train passengers between suburban Washington, D.C. and suburban Orlando.

The latest in personal video and audio entertainment, the award-winning digEplayer features a 7-inch screen and weighs only three pounds with an 8-10 hour battery. The digEplayer delivers on-demand audio and video entertainment with the quality of DVDs and CDs in a fully-loaded and ready-to-play personal unit, with headphones for two simultaneous users.

The digEplayer contains dozens of movies, songs, sports, TV comedy episodes, children’s programs and interactive Amtrak videos. Content will be refreshed frequently, providing passengers with a wealth of programming choices. The unit can easily be set up on a passenger’s tray table, carried to the sleeping car for a movie before bedtime or enjoyed anywhere aboard the train.

“Passengers can travel light and travel entertained with the digEplayer,” said Emmett Fremaux Jr., Amtrak customer services vice president. “Rather than lug a laptop or drag their discs on a trip, the digEplayer offers more variety, on-demand.”


“Amtrak will make it possible to rent the digEplayer in advance of travel through and at 800-USA-RAIL,” said Matt Hardison, Amtrak sales distribution chief. “Customers can learn more about this service on and through our reservation sales agents.”

“We are thrilled to expand digEplayer service across the Amtrak system,” said Joshua Wallack, President and CEO of Railway Media. “Passengers can enjoy the finest movies, music and more, which will only enhance their time on the train.

“The Amtrak brand is stronger than ever and we plan to do our part to further strengthen it,” Wallack added.

Movies currently loaded on the digEplayer include The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Firewall, Rumor Has It, Chicken Little, Glory Road, Good Night and Good Luck, The Incredibles, Casanova, Shopgirl, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Proof and the Greatest Game Ever Played. The movies are edited and all are rated G, PG or PG-13.

At the conclusion of the train trip, passengers return the digEplayer to the rental kiosk. If a passenger plans to disembark at a location without a kiosk, Railway Media will provide a pre-paid shipping envelope to return the player for an additional charge.

Amtrak is also working to install digEplayer drop boxes on trains in order to provide customers another convenient way to return the players.

Rental charges are based on trip length and range from $12 to $29.95. Longer trips include a digEplayer bundle bag with extra batteries. In addition to renting digEplayers, Railway Media kiosks will also sell Amtrak-branded merchandise and other travel accessories.