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Internet Marketing Club launches

A free, non-commercial online Internet Marketing Club is opening to the hospitality industry in a bid to provide an educational resource for hoteliers worldwide.

“The sole purpose of the Internet Marketing Club is to help General Managers and their sales and marketing executives stay informed and to have access to some basic reports that will help them measure their competitive position on the Internet. We want the club to be where hoteliers go to find honest unbiased answers that will help them make the right marketing decisions and investments” stated Mr. Richard Walsh, Vice President of Business Development.

Some of the benefits the club members will receive are:

A “members only” BLOG where they can exchange comments and ideas

An Instant Message contact to reach out to with their questions

FREE website monitoring to keep them informed about when their site is down

FREE quarterly report detailing how their website is ranked on the search engines

FREE quarterly report detailing a competitor’s website ranking

FREE access to online web casts & white papers
“It is our goal to create a forum that hoteliers can rely on for clear honest answers to help them make the right marketing decisions and investments and to know how to measure the results of their decisions. Internet marketing is a fast moving and ever changing media, but one that can deliver amazing results when applied correctly,” added Mr. Walsh.

All of the Internet Marketing Club’s services and information are provided fairly and in an unbiased manner and the information on industry services and trends come from creditable neutral 3rd party sources.