BornholmsTrafikken Secures ROI in 10 Months

Since migrating their ferry reservation operations to Anite Travel Systems’ FerryRes reservation solution, BornholmsTrafikken have seen a return on their investment within ten months of the system going live.
Passengers on BornhlomsTrafikken’s traditional and fast ferries are enjoying the facility of automatic check-in and boarding via fingerprint and licence plate recognition, using the latest biometric technology. Passengers can now book and pay for tickets over a secure extranet to check-in and board the vessel themselves, simply by scanning their fingerprint. Vehicles are recognised by electronic transmitter.

Says Mr Peter Christensen, Financial & IT Manager, BornholmsTrafikken, “Identifying our passengers by fingerprint and licence plate has really improved our security, enabling us to maintain up to date passenger lists and ensures that we know the identity of each and everyone of our passengers. It has also speeded up our embarkation operations, enabling us to open more vehicle lanes with less resources - as the machines do all the work!”

BornholmsTrafikken estimate that they have saved around 33 percent on check-in costs and around 20 percent on booking costs since implementing the new solution. Continues Mr Christensen, “FerryRes has also enabled us to offer differentiated prices and flexible tariffs, which in turn have helped increase our revenues.” 

Anders Rundberg, General Manager Transportation at Anite, adds, “Several operators in the transportation business have been testing biometric technology and believe that this is the way forward. Partnering with BornholmsTrafikken and PayVend, with FerryRes at the core, we have created an innovative solution, which is probably one of the largest biometric installations in Europe. This technology enhances security, minimises cost and can increase customer service and Anite are pleased to offer this solution to all our customers.”