Active Hotels Release Q3 Online Booking Survey Results

Active Hotels Release Q3 Online Booking Survey ResultsActive Hotels has released its Q3 Online Booking Survey results, which show that the number of people using the Internet to secure accommodation online has soared by an average of 80% since September 2002.Growth has been especially strong in the UK’s regions with online booking volumes doubling between September 2002 and September 2003. London and the UK’s major cities have also experienced 60% growth rates over the same period.

Reports of an increase in the number of European visitors to the United Kingdom are supported by an upward trend in the volume of online bookings originating from European countries, with September’s monthly figures up to 14.2% from 10.1% in March of this year.

While there is still substantial rate pressure in London, with average room rates dipping 2% below 2002 levels, elsewhere in the UK, room rates have risen by up to 6% in the regions and 3% in the UK’s other major cities.