Net Access At Alaska Airlines Lounges

An agreement between eKiosk Corporation of New Lennox, Illinois, and Alaska Airlines has been made to begin deploying high-speed eKiosk Internet workstations at Alaska Airlines å‘Board Roomså’ starting next month.
Five ‘Board Rooms’, in Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles are scheduled to receive multiple kiosks.
ActionFax, an eKiosk division, will also install Public Touch Screen Fax Kiosks into all of Alaska`s ‘Board Rooms’.

eKiosks are stand-alone Internet workstations that feature wireless, high-speed broadband connectivity. ‘Board Room’ members can connect their laptops, notebooks, palmtops, and other handheld devices to the Internet through an eKiosk`s USB, RJ-11 modem, RJ-45 data, or infrared port.
Because eKiosks are also fully capable PCs, club members may even choose to leave their personal computers `at home`.

The first ten minutes of Internet browsing on the eKiosk terminals are sponsored, so travellers can check their email or browse the Web at no cost.

eKiosk terminals offer a wide variety of other services for nominal fees including Microsoft Office applications, extended browsing, video email, text email, text to any fax number and eKiosk`s exclusive KioskMail. In addition to the latest in connectivity options, each unit is fully equipped with a telephone handset, audio headphone jack, speakers, video camera, microphone, a floppy disc drive, and a FlashCard drive that reads IBM Microdrive discs.