Barcelona imposes £265 fine for bikinis

Exposing too much skin in public or on the streets will soon become illegal in Barcelona, according to reports.

Wearing a bikini or Speedos on public streets or beaches in the popular Spanish city could result in fines between €120 to €300. Nudist could face even steeper fines of up to €500.

The new regulation on ‘nudity or virtual nudity in public places’ in Barcelona is coming into force later this month, during the peak time for traveling. It follows recent fines that were added prevent people from drinking from bottles or cans in the street.

According to a spokesperson for the Barcelona Tourist Office, the new move is part of a drive to shake off the destination’s reputation as a hub for hen and stag parties – a trend which has been driven by the rise of low cost flights to the destination.

Assumpta Escarp, deputy mayor for Barcelona City Council explained to the Sunday Times that local residents are ‘bothered’ by tourists who go dresses in a bikini in the streets. He stated “We have to maintain standards”.


Spain’s mass tourism boom in the 1960s was largely driven by bikini-clad tourists, after Pedro Zaragoza Orts, the Mayor of Benidorm, defied the Roman Catholic Church and allowed tourists to sunbathe on the beaches.