AccorHotels to separate HotelInvest subsidiary

AccorHotels to separate HotelInvest subsidiary

AccorHotels has launched a project to create a dedicated subsidiary for its HotelInvest operations.

The aim of the project is to strengthen AccorHotels’ financial resources in order to accelerate growth, while also providing a legal structure that will ultimately enable third-party investors to hold the majority of HotelInvest’s capital.

AccorHotels would use the additional financial leeway to develop its two business lines and seize new growth opportunities, with the aim of maximising the group’s overall value.

Initiated in 2013 and based on a new organisational model, the restructuring of the HotelInvest portfolio has significantly increased the value and profitability of the group’s assets.

Between 2013 and 2015, gross asset value increased from €5.5 billion to €7 billion and the profitability of the portfolio improved significantly, with operating margin standing at 7.8 per cent in 2015 - versus four per cent in 2013).

As a result, HotelInvest is now Europe’s leading hotel investor.

Sébastien Bazin, chairman, AccorHotels, commented: “As the restructuring begun in late 2013 comes to an end in line with the initial timeframe and objectives, turning HotelInvest into a subsidiary is the new step that offers a wealth of opportunities for AccorHotels.

“By making it possible to bring in new investors for part of our business, this project will significantly increase the resources available to the group to consolidate the respective leadership positions of HotelServices and HotelInvest, while also enabling us to continue to leverage synergies between the two business lines.

“This way, each business will be able to continue to grow within the Group based on a valuation that reflects its specific business model and growth outlook.

“At the same time, all of our teams will remain under the AccorHotels umbrella brand.”