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Women are demanding more from their spa holiday

Women are demanding more from their spa holiday

Spa resorts and hotels have long been the get-away destination of choice for stressed out working women or mother and daughter bonding holidays. Yet now it seems the resorts are having to cater to the ever-demanding 21st century woman by infusing these getaways with spirituality or self-development.

Not content with a relaxing day or weekend break, spa-goers are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off from their hectic lifestyles.

“We are finding more women want get-togethers to be educational, and they want to learn from one another and get some inspiration for dealing with the current times,” said Kathy Massarand, sales and marketing director at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley. 

In October, Sanctuary will host a three-day Mind, Body, Spirit Boot Camp with life coach and author Martha Beck.

Meanwhile, The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Phoenix is offering CalmQuest, a two-day beginner’s meditation workshop. Hosted by Damian Vaughn, a former professional football player who used meditation to get into the flow of the game and find a life after his career ended.


Meditation, Vaughn said, can take someone who is emotionally and physically depleted and help them sustain more energy over longer periods of time by creating balance.

“When we are out of balance, we habitually do things that keep us out of balance,” he said. “Meditation helps us stay in balance.”

Stephanie Dowling, Westin’s public relations director, said the meditation workshops came from a move to offer customers a wellness centre instead of just a spa.

“I definitely think the customer is changing,” Dowling said. “It was a luxury item to go the spa and then the spa experience evolved into helping people relax and deal with stress.”

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