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Travellers urged to avoid Oslo as trial begins

Travellers in Norway have been urged to avoid the centre of Oslo as investigations into an explosion on Friday continue.

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, is believed to have detonated a car bomb in the government district of the city before launching a further attack at a youth camp on Utoya Island, 40 kilometres to the west.

Seven people are believed to have died in Oslo with a further 85 killed during a two hour shooting spree on Utoya Island.

The prime minister’s office, ministry of petroleum and ministry of finance were all badly damaged in Oslo, with a heightened level of security now in place across the city. 

“There is a high threat from terrorism,” warned the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

British nationals are advised to exercise caution, monitor local media reporting and follow advice given by the emergency services.

Currently public transport is operating normally except through the Government district.

Anders Behring Breivik

Breivik – who admits carrying out the attacks - is expected in court today.

He is believed to have links to far-right political groups in Norway and branded the attacks, the worst in the country since World War II, “gruesome but necessary”.

The bomb in Oslo targeted buildings connected to Norway’s governing Labour Party, while the youth camp on Utoeya Island was also run by the party.
Under Norwegian law, he faces a maximum of 21 years in jail if convicted.

However, this can bee extended if a prisoner is deemed a threat to the public.