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Top Seychelles artists rallied to sing carnival 2012 theme song

Top Seychelles artists rallied to sing carnival 2012 theme song

Seychelles will soon be hosting its grand “Carnaval International de Victoria,” and once again a theme song for this national event has been launched.

The carnival 2012 theme song has been produced by a group of popular and best-known artists from the islands. It was Jean Marc Volcy who this year received the honor to work on a theme song for the event.

“The aim was to come up with a song that will have a great impact on people, create the festive ambiance, and keep people on their toes,” Jean Marc Volcy told the press in Seychelles

He said the lyrics and the music were his own creations. Having decided how the song was going to be, Jean Marc chose the four popular and well-known Seychelles performers to be supporting artists - Jany De Letourdie, Michelle Marengo, Antoinette Dodin, and Brian Matombe - to accompany him in the song which is entitled “Sa Karnaval.”

“I started work on the song around October last year, and I am very happy with the end result,” he said.


But how did he choose the artists to support him? Jean Marc said this has been easy, because he knows these artists and their kind of music very well. He said they are easy to work with and they share the same aim, which is promoting Seychelles’ culture and patriotism.

Noting that the song is the result of the excellent collaboration between them, Jean Marc said the feedback so far has been great, something he believes will make all the people proud come carnival time.

Jean Marc has meanwhile expressed his sincere thanks to the Seychelles Tourism Board for providing him with the opportunity to produce the song, the artists for their great collaboration, Tony Julie and his musicians for their support, the Metis band for providing backing vocals, and all Seychellois for their support.

Besides Jean Marc, Angelika has also launched a new song for this year’s carnival entitled “Carnival Party,” which is also gaining popularity on the airwaves.