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Tickle your taste buds with a Thomas Cook holiday

Tickle your taste buds with a Thomas Cook holiday

Whether you’ve enjoyed some fantastic sun dried tomatoes on holiday in Greece or tried tagines in Morocco, food is often one of the most memorable experiences of a trip overseas.

Thomas Cook brings you a brief guide to some of the best cheap holidays for food and wine lovers.
Food lovers wanting an unforgettable holiday are always encouraged to try local dishes. But it’s not just tasty treats and tempting foods that get appetites whet when on holiday. A number of popular holidays also involve wine tasting and wineries. Below, we select our top food destinations.

Goa is not only a fantastic destination for lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun and diving into the cool Indian Ocean, it’s also a great choice for food lovers.

As a popular holiday location for relaxing and unwinding it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world each year. Serving up the best of North and South Indian food with a maritime mix, you can really enjoy some remarkable meals in Goa.
In addition to this, you can sample the local spirit Feni, which is made from coconut or cashew apples. It’s a strong spirit specific to the Goa region. 
A holiday to Goa is not just about the food, there are some stunning beaches and glorious sunset boat rides to enjoy too.

Eating well is one of the great and simple pleasures of going on holiday and it’s certainly something you can do when visiting Antigua. Antigua holidays are almost guaranteed to give you those emotive and sensuous meals which you often remember long after your holiday is over. 


Barbuda and Antigua cuisine are not to be missed, especially if you love fresh fish and Caribbean drinks. Think great seafood and great cocktails and you get the idea. Food is not the only thing to enjoy on this warm and laid back island. Antigua has a complex coastline complete with a stunning coral reef.  There’s something for everyone on the island from water sport activities to day excursions, beach lounging and tropical adventures. 

Kos is another food lover’s paradise, especially if you’re a fan of Greek cuisine. Not only can you sample some of the finest and freshest Mediterranean food around, but you can also enjoy the delights of a stunning island with stretches of endless sandy beaches.  Cheap holidays to Kos are extremely affordable at the moment, so be sure to visit Thomas Cook for the latest selection of bargain breaks.