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Thomas Cook’s Royal globetrotting guide

Thomas Cook’s Royal globetrotting guide

The Queen must have air miles to die for, after flying to 129 different countries during her illustrious reign.
Thanks to the advent of air travel Queen Elizabeth II is arguably one of the most widely travelled monarchs in history.

In fact the Queen actually succeeded to the throne, while on a tour of Kenya, a trip which had set the standard for a woman who would spend a great deal of her time during the next 60 years travelling the world, meeting her subjects and representing the UK on both state and commonwealth visits.

Strangely despite being so well travelled the Queen, has never had a holiday in Rhodes or like a huge number of her subjects enjoyed cheap holidays to Greece.

We “commoners” may never be as well travelled as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, but it’s easier than you think to visit some of her favourite destinations; and maybe Her Royal Highness might even think about Kos holidays or a Greece Holiday 2012 like the rest of us!

Canada - Most visited Commonwealth destination by the Queen
Like the Mounties, Princess Elizabeth got her man and the Queen and Prince Phillip made their first appearance in Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta in 1951. It was only eight years later that the Queen returned and toured every province and territory of the country; Buckingham Palace officials and the Canadian government dubbed this the “Royal Tour”.