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Body and mind align on retreat in Mykonos

Body and mind align on retreat in Mykonos

Yoga Escapes, the London-based specialist luxury holiday company that blends yoga and culture on its retreats, is pleased to announce it is kicking off its summer retreat season this year on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece. 

Taking advantage of the extended Jubilee bank holiday for UK clients and the 4th July break for US clients, the first two yoga retreats of the season will take place in the exclusive Kivotos Hotel, one of the best boutique hotels in Greece and luxurious yoga retreat destinations in Europe.

Mykonos is known worldwide for its jet-setting crowd and vibrant nightlife, but with islanders claiming a magical energy at work on the island that makes people feel alive, there’s so much more to this beautiful island.  Many high-end yoga retreats focus on the elements of luxurious accommodation, spa treatments and gourmet meals offered by Yoga Escapes, but what makes its own proposition so different is the emphasis it places on the cultural stimulation alongside the quality of the yoga.  Yoga Escapes is catering to to the kind of high end clientele interested in learning about and integrating with the culture of their holiday destination, rather than staying in an all-inclusive resort with little interaction beyond the resort.

On retreat there is a healthy balance between active, invigorating morning yoga classes, with modifications to allow more advanced people to challenge themselves and beginners to practice at their own pace versus more restorative evening yoga classes.  The evening yoga sessions focus on calmer, inward-looking, longer-held poses that allow for a deeper stretch, calming the mind and opening the heart.  Complementing the yoga comes culture and entertainment so the June retreat will allow plenty of time to explore the island, walking through the maze of Mykonos town’s narrow streets, discovering its culture and charming restaurants, as well as enjoying evenings and conversation with like-minded people.  The retreats still leave plenty of time to indulge in some spa pampering, learn a new water sport or simply relax on the private beach.

Commenting on the concept behind Yoga Escapes, Founder and Director Laura Bianchini remarks: “Our philosophy is very much based on helping clients switch off from their busy lives but not from life itself.  Our retreats are set in idyllic surroundings with luxurious accommodation, fine dining and spa facilities.  This isn’t bootcamp so there are no rules to be judged by…unlike many of the ashram environment yoga breaks, we don’t make you feel guilty if you want a lie in or fancy a glass of wine with dinner.  We want clients to feel they can embrace new cultures and truly relax whilst achieving the benefits of a regular physical and mental yoga practice.  Clients will leave Mykonos this June with a renewed energy and enlightened from exploring its cultural diversity as our retreats truly offer an alignment of body and mind.”