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Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia debuts the CACI Ultra-Facial

Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia debuts the CACI Ultra-Facial

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia debuts the CACI Ultra-Facial, and is the only spa where this treatments is currently available in the city of Philadelphia. The CACI Ultra-Facial is the pinnacle of treatments combining the award-winning lifting and toning attributes of the CACI non-surgical facelift with the world-acclaimed skin regenerating properties of the Futur-Tec machine.

The CACI Ultra-Facial incorporates four different technologies within one state-of-the-art device. Featuring micro-currents, ultrasound, high frequency and diode photo stimulation, this facial will soften lines and wrinkles, reduce sun damage and skin congestion while hydrating, tightening and toning the face. Think of this treatment as the “ultimate fitness for the face.”

The micro-currents are a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures as well as an alternative or companion to injectables. This technology uses the same level of electricity naturally present in the body to increase adenosine tri phosphate level (ATP) production to lift and tone the muscles of the face and neck, working in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field. It also increases fibrolastic activity by up to 60 percent, making the skin firmer, plumper and more evenly toned; as well as increases protein synthesis by 73 percent, giving the skin resiliency and snap. There is no visible muscle contraction from this procedure, which stimulates the blood circulation and softens fine lines and wrinkles.

The ultrasonic exfoliation is safe for all skin types and concerns, including acne and active rosacea. This exfoliation hydrates the skin’s tissues through cavitation and deep cleanses the pores. It is coupled with ultrasound infusion, which instantly plumps fine lines and delivers deeper, longer lasting results.

The use of red or blue LED is chemical free and will help the guest’s individual skin concerns. Guests worried about cell regeneration and healing may opt for the red LED, which also reduces redness and stress hormones. Guests concerned about acne bacteria may opt for the blue LED.


Finally, guests will enjoy a deeply hydrating mask designed to desensitize the skin and reduce redness. The results of the facial are immediate and leave no marks or scarring – making it perfect for one’s next special function. Facial results typically last up to 5-7 days however a regular series of Ultra-Facials can sustain results for up to two years.

Available starting now and exclusively in Philadelphia at The Spa at Four Seasons.