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SITA, TravelSky sign 10-year deal for Airfare Price

SITA, TravelSky sign 10-year deal for Airfare Price

TravelSky, the main airline reservation and agency distribution provider in China, has partnered with SITA.

The tie-up will result in strengthening of SITA’s Airfare solutions by establishing a regionalised pricing service for China, operated on SITA’s behalf by TravelSky in Beijing.

SITA and TravelSky will develop and grow the international pricing system with Chinese airlines. SITA Airfare Price is a pricing engine that takes airline fares, rules and taxes and translates them to a consumer sale price. TravelSky believes that by extending the operation of SITA Airfare Price into China as a regionalised service, the company can reduce its costs and increase scalability. 

SITA’s offering accelerates international price publishing, automates price calculations and will ensure that the industry’s evolving international requirements will continue to be met by Chinese carriers. In addition, SITA’s technology will provide support for the Chinese airlines’ e-commerce systems, enabling them to fully participate in the international air travel market. 

TravelSky processes around 240 million boarded passengers annually for Chinese carriers. The Chinese market is expected to more than double to 700 million passengers in 2020.


Horizon passenger management system

Airfare Price is a part of the Horizon suite of passenger management solutions. 

SITA has also provided an update about its progress towards delivering its Horizon passenger management system in partnership with software giant Oracle.  This included announcements on transformations in fares, operations and inventory, as it continues to migrate Horizon to open and agile systems. 

SITA revealed that its new Horizon fares solution will allow airlines a choice of suppliers of complete fares distribution for the first time as it concludes testing with the Canadian Transportation Agency and US Department of Transportation in preparation for providing full compliance with fare filing regulations in North America. 

SITA’s Total Fares Management integrates management and distribution solutions as a single service with a single cost from a single vendor, providing electronic distribution to industry pricing engines at the touch of a button.

With its fares technology, airlines can now analyse competitive fares - published or on the web; decide on fares to place in the market, gain seamless and automated approval; file, distribute, validate and audit them, all from the same system. In addition, for the 10 percent of tickets that are reissued, SITA has automated the manual booking modification processes, cutting a 25-30 minute process to just a few minutes and ensuring accurate application of penalties and fare recalculation, resulting in major cost savings. 

The next Horizon release phase will target origin and destination inventory management, multi-channel payment services, mobile services, and enhanced ticketing, while major milestones will be accomplished in development of the system’s user interfaces as part of a programme that will continue to deliver on the complete migration to open systems by 2013.