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Seychelles pavilion one of the biggest draws at World Expo

Seychelles pavilion one of the biggest draws at World Expo

The Seychelles pavilion is faced with daily queues of visitors spanning over 100 m reported Ambassador Philippe Le Gall today.

“Seychelles’ Pavilion, being located centrally near the African Pavilion, which welcomed its 10 millionth visitor two weeks ago, has been attracting attention due to the beauty of the stand, which Michael Adams assisted in designing,” said Mr. Le Gall, who is the Seychelles ambassador to China. “The flow of visitors has been non-stop everyday from 9:30 am till 10:00 am,” he added.

Two recently returned Seychellois representatives, who were working at the Seychelles stand for the last three months, said that working at the Expo was a unique experience with thousands of people flocking to the brightly-designed stand.

Ms. Marie-Paule Lesperence, an SBC journalist who worked at the Expo, said that the beauty of the pavilion, complemented by some of the best lighting there, kept the flow of visitors constant.

“Everybody wanted a souvenir of the specially-designed stamp because the design of the two tortoises chosen, which symbolize something very important to them,” added Ms. Genevieve Hoareau, from the Seychelles Tourism Board, who is the second of the two women. “All the Commissioner Generals of the World Expo complemented our stamp as being the best at the Expo.”


The stamp, which consists of two tortoises, was inspired by the gift of two giant Aldabra tortoises that Seychelles made to the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination last year. The tortoises, currently being raised in the Shanghai zoo, were considered as a sign of the supreme friendship between Seychelles and China and were given a lot of media attention.

The World Expo will continue until October 31, by which time the African Pavilion is expected to be celebrating having received 20 million visitors.