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Saint Lucia launches new tourism campaign as country reopens

Saint Lucia launches new tourism campaign as country reopens

A new tourism marketing campaign created by Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, the ministry of tourism and the government of Saint Lucia has made its debut.

The work kicks off with ‘She is Saint Lucia…Let Her Inspire You,’ a video encouraged by the fact that Saint Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman. 

Take a look at the video here.

As one of the international marketing components of Saint Lucia’s phased Covid-19 responsible reopening plan, the campaign targets all international and regional tourism markets through various initiatives.

Millions of consumers will be reached through social media, digital marketing, and dedicated e-blasts.


The campaign’s thoughtful approach highlights Saint Lucia’s most appealing selling points, including its positioning as a holiday destination where natural beauty abounds.

“As the world gradually reopens in the wake of Covid-19, travellers are beginning to seek holiday escapes,” said St Lucia minister of tourism, Dominic Fedee.

“Our new tourism marketing campaign is an opportunity to highlight both our responsible reopening and the inspirational spirit of Saint Lucia, as we implement policy that allows us to coexist with Covid-19.”

He added: “Utilising striking visuals and a message that illustrates how Saint Lucia can be a calm and relaxing harbour, ‘She is Saint Lucia…Let Her Inspire You’ gently reminds travellers that we offer the natural treasures and renowned culture that they seek.

“This is one stage of an overall plan to remind the world about our renowned beauty and the care Saint Lucia has taken in getting ready to carefully welcome visitors back with open arms.

“As we diligently work to jumpstart our hospitality industry and support our local citizens who depend on tourism for their livelihood, our efforts to build back our tourism industry will be ongoing.”

The borders of Saint Lucia officially opened to international travellers on June 4th as part of phase one of the responsible reopening plan.