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Chef Jacques Chretien to promote Saint Lucia

Chef Jacques Chretien Chef Jacques Chretien

Chef Jacques Chretien is expressing his honour to promote Saint Lucia at the New Maitre Cuisinier de France Guide edition 2022.

Chef Jacques, a member since 2005 throughout his international career, has constantly established a unique culinary identity, the guarantor of French gastronomy. Pioneer in the soul, generous by nature, cooking is for him a part of pleasure where everything revolves around the love of sharing and to please.

The association of Master Chefs of France was founded in 1951. Since then, it supports and promote the French culinary art all around the world. A dual mission embodied by the Chef members, as being ambassadors of this permanent search for excellence and relaying of this living heritage to their apprentices. The Master Chefs of France represent 542 members, 375 active members (currently working), 43 members on standby and 124 retired members, spread over 5 continents and in 22 countries.

To offer the best to their guests and to include the culinary art of tomorrow in a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, the chefs collaborate with farmers and other artisan producers.

The Maitres Cuisiniers de France represent the conservatory of taste and products from French terroirs. –  “The Maitres Cuisiniers de France constitute the most important group of great French chefs whose competence, recognised by all, is authoritative in the art of gastronomy.

They rigorously select the products they need for the preparation of the dishes from the best suppliers. They affirm the taste of quality products and wines to their customers, which is a real value of our cuisine.”

Chef Jacques is a French chef whose experience as a chef spans over 36 years. His culinary creations have graced some of the finest tables in France and Mexico including such landmark restaurants as Tour D’Argent in Paris, Chez Bruneau in Brussels, Belgium, and Maxim’s de Paris in Mexico City – a five-star restaurant opened by Chef Chretien recognized as one of the top French restaurants in all Latin America.

Born in Ligueil, a small village in the Loire Valley of France, Chef Chretien was educated in the art of gourmet cooking in France. He brought his unique culinary style and innovation to