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Saint Lucia launches Instagram travel series to self-isolating Brits

Saint Lucia launches Instagram travel series to self-isolating Brits

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is inviting people to escape to the Caribbean with a social media series that airs twice per week on Instagram.

The move comes as the world adjusts to the new reality of life under social distancing and self-isolation in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

While travel is next to impossible, Saint Lucia is encouraging people to escape in the comfort of our homes.

Guests can discover yoga and meditation at the Pitons, make a tropical cocktail with locally-produced Chairman’s Reserve Rum or cook an authentic Saint Lucian dish.

UK & Europe SLTA director, Patricia Charlery-Leon, said: “It’s heartening to see how people have pulled together as we all face such difficult challenges.


“We wanted to offer a little escape with some of the things that inspire people about our island, until the time is right to welcome people again.”

To participate, follow @TravelSaintLucia on Instagram as the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority broadcasts live from sunny Saint Lucia.

At the designated time, go to the @TravelSaintLucia Instagram and click the “story” in the top left corner to join live.

Participants are encouraged to submit live comments to make the events even more interactive.

The weekly series kicks off at 15:00 today with ‘Yoga in the Pitons’.

Join local yoga expert Monique Devaux as she kicks off with breath-taking views of the world-famous Pitons in Saint Lucia. 

What better way to start your day than a virtual escape for a mind-body connection?


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