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Rocky Mountaineer delays 2020 travel season

Rocky Mountaineer delays 2020 travel season

Rocky Mountaineer will extend the delay of its 2020 travel season and suspend all train departures until July 1st.

The season was scheduled to start on April 13th.

Guests on suspended departures will receive a future travel credit for 110 per cent of the value paid, which can be applied to a new departure in the 2020, 2021 or 2022 seasons.

Guests can contact their travel professional or the Rocky Mountaineer sales centre before November 30th next year to apply the future travel credit. 

“Our team is incredibly disappointed in not being able to start our season as originally planned.


“With the Canadian borders closed to international travellers until June 30th and other global travel mandates, it has become impossible for us to operate while these restrictions are in place,” said Steve Sammut, president and chief executive officer of Rocky Mountaineer.

“In addition to the future travel credit for guests impacted by the suspended departures, we have waived all fees associated with changing travel dates, so guests who are proactively calling us can move their train journey to later this year or 2021.

“Our hope is this will offer guests greater flexibility and time to make a decision regarding their travel plans.

“We sincerely thank our partners, guests, and team members for their patience and understanding as we work through these challenging times.” 

The resumption date of Rocky Mountaineer’s operations will be determined in accordance with travel restrictions and mandates from the Canadian and other international governments, the company added.


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