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Renovated Marina Beach Officially Released for the Public

Renovated Marina Beach Officially Released for the Public

The redecorated Marina Beach, one of the longest beaches in the world and a major tourist attraction, presenting an innovative look, is now thrown open for the general public.

The beach was weather-beaten by the 2004 tsunami. All the beautification works have been completed and it now has 14 viewing galleries and food courts. A futuristic lighting
arrangement has also been put up to facilitate the visitors so that they can enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach at night. Cautious actions have been taken in redecorating the beach devoid of any change on its existing ecology. The new-look beach now has fountains, lawns, viewing galleries, attractive lights and fresh walkways. The Corporation has also created new pathways, landscaped lawns, service lanes and seating space for visitors. Additional parking space for buses, cars and motorcycles has been created. For more information browse

Other attractions include landscaping, four-meter wide internal walker path along the sands and water fountains. Facilities like parking areas, creation of children’s playing area, and facility for physically challenged are an added attraction to this beach. A hallmark is the series of statues of leaders ranging from Gandhi to Bharati to Tiruvalluvar and Kannagi on the beach front which at one time had only the famous Labor statue. These statues are now brightly lit up.

Apart from the beautification, the beach has been declared as a litter-free beach by banning plastic waste like cups and bags and closing down rough and ready eateries. It has also been declared to keep the beach clean through periodic garbage clearance.
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