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Russia Readies to Introduce E-Visa Program for Indian Passport Holders Starting August 1

Russia Readies to Introduce E-Visa Program for Indian Passport Holders Starting August 1

Russia is gearing up to launch its Electronic Visa (e-visa) program for Indian passport holders starting from August 1, 2023.
This step aims to strengthen bilateral ties and boost tourism between the two nations.

The introduction of the e-visa will provide Indian travelers with a quick and convenient way to apply for a Russian visa, offering them an enriching travel experience. According to the Russia Foreign Ministry’s statement, citizens from approximately 52 countries will be eligible to benefit from the electronic visa system.

The newly introduced e-visa will enable entry into Russia for various purposes, such as business trips, guest visits, tourism, and participation in events. The initiative is expected to simplify the visa application process for Indian tourists, reducing the need for extensive documentation and lengthy processing times.

Under the e-visa system, the processing time for a single-entry visa will be limited to a maximum of four calendar days, and the consular fee for the e-visa will be approximately USD 40, making it an affordable option for travelers interested in exploring Russia.

An official stated that the introduction of the e-visa system marks a significant step in promoting tourism and streamlining visa procedures for Indian visitors. Coupled with Delhi-Moscow flights operated by Aeroflot airlines, Russia will become more accessible than ever before.


Reports indicate that the e-visa will have a 60-day validity, allowing travelers to explore Russia for a memorable stay of up to 16 days.

For Indians, Russia has long been a sought-after tourist destination. With the implementation of the e-visa system, Indian travelers can look forward to embarking on a journey to discover Russia’s historical landmarks, vast landscapes, and vibrant culture. The streamlined visa procedures and a plethora of sightseeing options aim to invite tourists to immerse themselves in Russia’s unbeatable hospitality and unmatched charm.