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New UK Punctuality Record for c2c

New UK Punctuality Record for c2c

National Express train operator c2c has once again set a new UK punctuality record for a franchised train operator according to official rail industry figures released.

Network Rail’s figures show that c2c achieved a record breaking 96.9% for their Public Performance Measure (PPM) train service performance over the last 12 months up to 4 February 2012.  In doing so it broke its own UK record for the highest annual punctuality by a franchised train operator (96.7%) which it achieved in 2010.

And in a ‘double whammy’ c2c also topped the latest four week period (also up to 4 February 2012) with 97.4% of trains on time – the highest PPM figures for the period and making c2c the best performing train operator in the country.

Julian Drury, Managing Director of c2c, said: “Obviously these figures are great news for c2c customers and show the continued hard work and attention to detail we put into providing the highest level of customer service that we can.  c2c has been setting records for the past three years and this new record continues our upward year-on-year trend.

However we are not complacent and are determined to deliver further improvement.  I can assure everyone we remain focused on delivering even more reliable and punctual services for the people of East London and South Essex.”


Earlier this year the latest National Passenger Survey (NPS) figures for Autumn 2011 from Passenger Focus showed c2c achieved 91% overall customer satisfaction – the fourth survey over the past two years in which c2c has achieved this score.

It also won the inaugural ‘Golden Whistle’ for the best punctuality amongst all train operators during 2009 with an average of 96.3% - this is a record the train operator has broken many times since then.  As well as the UK record for annual punctuality c2c also holds the record for UK train operator punctuality for any four week period with 98.8% of trains achieving PPM.