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New Algotherm Signature Spa Treatments at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo

New Algotherm Signature Spa Treatments at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza is offering a collection of new exclusive signature treatments that encourage radiant skin and an ecstatic sense of well-being. Using unique international product lines that are renowned in the wellness industry, each treatment has been designed to keep one looking and feeling one’s very best.

Algo Performance Care Anti-Aging

Using breakthrough marine mineral science from Algotherm and a combination of calming and stimulating massages, this firming treatment incorporates products with high concentrations of anti-aging active ingredients to result in younger looking skin.

Algotherm Anti Aging treatment uses products that contain native algae, which have molecules that are similar in composition to human cells. These molecules allow the skin to appear youthful. The facial works at a cellular level to reduce the appearance of fine lines, tighten sagging skins and create a fresh looking complexion.

A back massage beings this treatment to loosen toxins and create a sense of total relaxation.  Upon beginning the facial a therapist cleanses, tones and then exfoliates, leaving the skin clean and ready for the next application. A photo-corrective wrinkle crème is used, which is a silky revitalising product that combats one of the leading causes of the appearance of wrinkles. A soothing eye and lip contour serum is applies to the areas that are sensitive to skin aging. Skin will look regenerated, plumper and visibly firmer. A face mask is also applied during this treatment. While the make is working its wonders, each guest will receive a dreamy head massage. Skin tone is enhanced, leaving a glowing, dewy youthful complexion.


Algo Performance Care Oxygenating Facial

This deep-cleansing treatment reaches deep into the pores to heal and protect the skin from free radicals and pollutants. This facial is excellent for people living in busy cities or who travel frequently. The incredible relaxing treatment improves circulation and brings oxygen to the skin to restore its vital energy and leaves the face looking radiant. The facial also includes an amethyst crystal massage.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza offers a comprehensive range of massages and all-natural treatments designed to meet the personal needs of each guest. Part of the Spa and Wellness Centre, the 24-hour health club is the largest facility of its kind in Cairo, and offers state-of-the-art equipment, certified trainers and fitness assessment counsellors to help guests obtain the most out of their workout.