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Four Seasons Resort Seychelles Introduces Holistic Wellness Program Inspired by Nature

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles Introduces Holistic Wellness Program Inspired by Nature

With its expanses of radiant sun, soft white sand, and stunning blue ocean, Seychelles is a natural haven for wellness. A world away from the busy city life, visitors to the island can expect to soak in the tropical goodness and truly recharge themselves while on vacation. While the island life in itself can be rewarding when it comes to health and wellbeing, at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles the natural bounty of the island is the inspiration for a transcendent spa and wellness program that is breaking new ground.

Hillside Healing

Perched atop this cliffside Resort, Le Syel Spa is a spectacular setting with stunning views over the turquoise blue waters of Petite Anse Bay. Here, with the sounds of the ocean below, and sea breeze wafting through, the Resort’s team of therapists takes guests on a special journey of wellness. Drawing on the inherent qualities of the primary elements – Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire – the Spa offers wellness practices that are anchored in nature. “Essential aspects of the elements, such as a deep release with water, and grounding from the earth, are being harnessed to deliver holistic healing with lasting benefits,” explains Jean Malubdos, Spa Manager.

In-Villa Soothing

Designed to offer unhindered views over the bay, each of the Resort’s majestic villas and residences comes with a private pool and veranda so that guests get their fill of the gorgeous scenery.


Uninterrupted pool time is not the only pleasure on offer to water babies. Bath time rituals are important too, and guests can make the most of their bath-with-a-view by choosing an indulgent experience to suit their mood, creating an atmosphere of pure indulgence. Perfect for the new year is the Detox Ritual where guests can experience the benefits of rosemary, lemon, thyme and black spruce (picea mariana) in a relaxing bath to make them feel stronger and healthier. Sipping on a delicious detox juice containing carrot, apple and ginger works alongside the detoxifying effects of the bath.

Recharge, Reboot, Reset

Guests looking to truly unwind during their stay may choose to reserve one of the spa journeys on offer, such as the Recharge, Reboot or Rescue Wellness Program, available in a three or five day format. “These immersive programs are designed to deliver maximum benefit through a staggered spa and healing itinerary that includes personalised yoga sessions, select spa treatments, and subliminal NuCalm sessions,” shares Jean. Mindful of the latest innovations in the world of wellbeing, the Spa has introduced the intuitive technology of NuCalm, which is a proven sleep enhancement aid. “Five components including an iPod are synchronised to induce deep and restorative sleep from a selection of Recharge, Reboot, and Rescue settings,” she adds.

Wellness Together

Pairing the healing power of local tropical ingredients with the serenity of the location, the Spa offers experiences that cater especially to couples and partners. The Starlit Serenity experience is truly unique, with the roof of the Spa serving as an open-air night spa setting for a blissful marine-themed massage for two under the stars. “For those looking for something more intimate, the Heavenly Connection experience is just that,” Jean reflects, “with the scent of organic Seychellois essential oils and local flowers to serenade the bodies through a private session of scrub and massage.”

Flawless Connections

Offering a meaningful connection with the destination, the Konekte Shack provides guests an opportunity to learn about native ingredients such as cinnamon, and mix their own invigorating scrub.

The pampering at the Spa extends to the indulgent Facial Radiance range of treatments, incorporating the goodness of Temple Spa, Swiss Perfection, or My Blend premium skincare products. “With a blend of truffle cream and rose quartz massage, the Champagne and Truffles Deluxe Treatment is the perfect way to surrender to some opulence,” admits Jean. The My Blend collection of Cell Synergy products with their new-age regenerative and restorative effects are the latest addition to the Spa’s menu and offer the ultimate in anti-ageing technology.

Mountain Meditation

Guests can elevate the heart rate with a hike to the Resort’s hilltop for a scenically serene guided meditation – an energy boosting opportunity to submit to the stillness and the rhythmic flow of the ocean below as the journey inside begins.

“Quickly gaining a reputation as a premier wellness destination, we are in the vanguard here at Four Seasons,” she feels. “What’s more, with our sanctuary-like setting and focus on wellbeing, guests can expect to have a transformative wellness experience during their stay with us.”