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More Open-minded China HSR

More Open-minded China HSR

On February 10, 40-odd netizens and train fans, who were sifted out from the online registration, walked into CSR to pay a visit to the high-speed EMU production base. Such an event is a significant attempt: it was the first time for train fans to get close enough to visit CSR and its products in the high-speed EMU birthplace, which would assist all people in having more knowledge about and objectively looking at China HSR instead of appraising the HSR based on merely their own emotions and suppositions. As for CSR, this event is a favorable opportunity, by which CSR can further open its mind and win more trust from the society. Also, CSR can take advantage of this event to hear voices from extensive netizens and train fans, hear their good advices, and correct some one-sided views on HSR in the society through communication and Q & A. 

After this event, train fans had intensive experience and spoke highly of CRS. In his microblog, @Fei Xiang Wang Xiang Li Gang said: “On February 10, I visited CSR Sifang and witnessed the high-speed train’s production process in person, during which I had communications with lots of technicians and deeply knew that China’s mightiness and development should not depend on vacant slogan but hinge on practical work. Maybe we will continue making a detour and incurring problems, but doing work in a down-to-earth manner is always welcome. When seeing those men who were struggling, I paid tribute to them from the bottom of my heart”. @ Shen Tailing posted her words in her microblog: On February 10, train fans in Qingdao were invited to visit CSR, which was a fantastic event. From the perspective of CSR Group’s P. R. strategy, or from the perspective of CSR Group’s proactive contact with grassroots people and train fans, this event enabled more train fans, passengers, media journalists, and ordinary people to keep abreast of the railway traffic engineering’s development and follow-up issues, which is of reference value.” In his online editorial, @ Wang Xiaodong said: “During my visit to CSR, I found two eye-catching points: first, in the model room there were some unique models, and I inferred that they might be used in the next-generation locomotives with higher speed. Second, on the high-speed rolling performance test rig, the train speed was up to 600km/h, which was allegedly the world highest speed”. 

After the visit, netizens had some brand-new knowledge about HSR. In his microblog, @ Star of the Central Plains said: “The HSR industry is of profound influence on China. At least, the HSR can contribute to alteration of China’s energy structure since it consumes the electricity instead of the oil. In the Middle East, the oil is still a hotspot issue. If China gets rid of its high dependence on the oil, U. S. may get anxious! That’s a strategic issue. ” @ I Am Screaming Pig at Night said in his microblog: “Undoubtedly, HSR will benefit our life. From the macroeconomic perspective, HSR will not only facilitate the people’s travel, but also boost development of relevant segments and industries. To have more knowledge about HSR, we should get close to it. We hope that HSR practitioner should have more communications with the public as a way to eliminate the doubts, discuss problems reasonably, and make progress together. ”

Besides, CSR engineers made a deep impression on netizens. @Fei Xiang Wang Xiang Li Gang said in his microblog: “Those men who assume the HSR train production are unsophisticated, ordinary, mild, and down-to-earth. When walking on the street, they are the same as the ordinary people, but they made use of their knowledge to master the world most advanced technologies and produce the high-speed train of strategic significance. However, we did not support or inspire them, but censure them with a hostile attitude. What did they do? They endured all things and only focused on their work! This is China!” @ I Am Screaming Pig At Night said: “I adore the woman at the top left corner of the picture, and she is a chief engineer in charge of the HSR technology. In this industry full of men, she was bound to make more efforts. After being employed by CSR since her graduation from the college, she stayed at the same position for more than 10 years. Due to her persistence, pragmatic attitude, high sense of mission, and humdrum daily life, she has set a true model for those young men who are anxious to achieve quick success and get instant benefits”. @ Shen Tailing said: “I was touched by CSR Technician Team that is young and experienced, and answered my questions in a precise, humorous, logical, and passionate manner. It’s a nice team!”

As the sponsor, we also benefited much from this event. Since the outbreak of the “723 Incident”, China HSR stepped into a quiet development period from previous leap-forward development. In this Spring Festival Travel Rush, many people just experienced the HSR’s convenience and became users of China HSR. However, misunderstandings and doubts over the HSR are still numerous. As a manufacturing enterprise that upholds the pragmatic attitude, CSR is committed to developing products and improving production process. Simultaneously, we should become more open-minded to let the public get close to the enterprise and learn about China HSR, so as to show the modernized enterprise CSR’s high confidence and great bosom. This event is a good attempt and sets a good start. 
Chinese people need a more open-minded HSR, and CSR is by no means the only one that should make efforts.