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CSR wins bid on Suzhou Subway Line 2

CSR wins bid on Suzhou Subway Line 2

Not long ago, CSR won the bid on Suzhou Subway Line 2 project and was awarded a vehicle contract. The order includes 23 trains including 115 cars, which are marshaled in 5 sections 2 power trucks and 3 trailer trucks. It is the second time that CSR has received a vehicle order from Suzhou rail transit since 2010 when it took the first order for Suzhou Subway Line 1 project. 

Suzhou Subway Line 2 runs from south to north, connects Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway and Suzhou Northern Station. Its main track starts in Taiping section station in Xiangcheng District and ends at South Yingchun Road Station, with a total length of 26.6km. Along the way, there are 22 stations, 5 overheat stations and 17 underground stations.

The vehicle for Suzhou Subway Line 2 adopts the B-type all-welded aluminum alloy car body structure independently designed by CSR, tight lock couplers with elastic plaster buffer, electric sliding doors as doors in passenger room, internal-mounted translation doors for driver’s cab, energy saving air conditioners with totally closed type rotating compressor, LED lights, advanced and well developed microcomputer-controlled analog braking system, and PW80E-Ⅱbogie which is independently designed by CSR Puzhen Company.

According to the contract, the first train for Suzhou Subway Line 2 will be subject to all tests and delivered to the Employer before May 30, 2013 and 20 trains, before February 20, 2014. By April 30, 2014, all of the 23 trains will be received and ready to operate on the line. In June, 2014, they will be officially put into operation