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CSR wins Ankara subway vehicle order of RMB2.5 billion

CSR wins Ankara subway vehicle order of RMB2.5 billion

On 1st August, CSR received the good news that it won subway vehicle order for Ankara, the capital of Turkey, with contract value of RMB2.5 billion. It is the biggest order ever obtained in China rail transit equipment industry from Europe, setting a precedent in supplying Chinese subway vehicle manufacturing technology to Europe.

CSR has got rapid growth in overseas market. In 2011, the oversea sales revenue was over RMB6 billion, surging almost 162% compared with one year earlier. And in the first half year of 2012, CSR’s oversea sales revenue has kept substantial increase to surpass RMB5 billion, increasing more than 100% from the same period last year.

It is reported that CSR has also won orders of Malaysia Ampang Line subway vehicle, 64 Kazakhstan diesel locomotives, and Hong Kong high-speed 350 km/h EMU in the first half year. Up to now, the total sum of all overseas contracts CSR signed has reached f1.2 billion, with an increase more than 100% from the same period last year as well.

Together with great increase of oversea sales revenue year-on-year, CSR is undergoing profound transformation of overseas market development model. On one hand, CSR has deepened the market in key areas with robust product and quality service. Successive orders have been signed in Turkey, Australia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and many other markets. The good performance of products in the practical application has won high praise from the users, thus guaranteeing the achievement of follow-up orders. On the other hand, CSR is on its way to drive the localized product manufacturing, and to promote the transformation of overseas trade pattern from “product export” to “product-and-service export”. Localization of product manufacturing will be applicable for both Malaysia Ampang Line and Turkey Ankara projects. Moreover, China South Locomotive Australian Co., Ltd was founded in the first half year. The products involved in Ankara project will be manufactured in Turkey in two steps - 30% in step one and 51% in step two. On the basis of this project, CSR will invest heavily to establish subway vehicle manufacturing base together with Turkey, and to provide it with manufacturing and relevant maintenance technologies mainly about high-end stainless subway vehicle. 80% of employees will come from the local population, and the planned annual production will be 200 units. At that time, it will become the subway vehicle manufacturing base and 4S store for China rail transit equipment enterprises to enter Europe, Middle Asia and Northern Africa market.

The Turkey Ankara subway vehicle project has gone through public bidding in the world by the General Council of Turkey Railway, Harbor and Airport Construction, and CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd wins the bid with advanced technology and service. It is reported that all the subway vehicles for Ankara will apply stainless body and will be compatible with existing local subway vehicles in both appearance and technology. Modularization, standardization and lightweight design will be employed to strengthen reliability as well as lower life-cycle cost. These vehicles are designed to have the body width of 3.12 m and interior vertical clearance of 2.3 m, being more suitable to tall European, to get rid of depression. In addition, the maximum operating speed can reach to 80 kilometers per hour and the turning radius is 80 m at least. The most capacity of the three-car multiple unit is over 1,000 passengers. The first 15-carriage vehicle will be delivered in 20 months since the signature of contract, and the others will be delivered in 39 months when the vehicles will be put into operation along the four main subway lines in Ankara City.


According to relevant statistics, the light rail train running along No. 2 line in Izmir City, provided by CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd, has already run safely for more than 20,000 kilometers since it is put into operation in March, and has carried more than 2 million passengers, becoming an important local rail transportation facility.