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First train for new subway in Kunming Base of CSR gets ready

First train for new subway in Kunming Base of CSR gets ready

The first train for new subway in Kunming base of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive got off production line successfully in June 26, which marks the emergence of subway vehicle made all by “4S” store of Rail Transit. CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive has been facilitating the improvement of electric locomotive industry in China, from “manufacture” to “manufacture + service”. Chairman of CSR, Zheng Changhong attended the off-line ceremony and made speech. 

It is reported that the first off-line vehicles will serve for the first phase projects of line 1 and line2, backbone of south-north transportation in Kunming. There are six vehicles, marshaled and all-welded by type B alufer, with the highest operation speed of 100km/h. Employed in the first phase project of rail transit in Kunming, applying the most advanced techniques of urban rail design and manufacture in the world in the layout of brake system, running gear components and anti-collision equipments, these vehicles possess the quality of high safety, share energy saving air-conditioners, LED light and other low-carbon, green initiative equipments, provide the comfort and humanizing in-car environment, match with beautiful Kunming naturally, where each season is like spring. 

These vehicles are given birth by first “4S” store of Chinese Rail Transit, which is most different from the former production process of inland rail transit vehicles and also means these new type vehicles will be accompanied by matched and completed maintenance service since its appearance. In this way, vehicles can enjoy professional and completed maintenance service, while owners can devote to daily vehicle operation work, released from multifarious vehicle maintenance trivia. 

CSR Zhuzhou Electric locomotive company opened China’s first rail transit “4S” store in May 10th, 2012, allowing vehicle operators of urban rail transit to utilize technique advantage of research and manufacturers to work out problems as daily maintenance of vehicles, lower vehicle maintenance cost, then reach win-win result. It goes with the operation-maintenance separation trend in global rail transit industry, ensuring better operation of trains. 

Bridge tower strategy sent Yunnan to the front of opening and reform activities historically, highlighting regional importance of Kunming as a cosmopolitan facing South Asia and Southeast Asia. The strategy also raises new and higher requirements to the network construction of rail transit system in Kunming. It is reported that long term rail transit network plan in Kunming includes 14 lines, and will increase to 16 lines by the end of 2018, with total length of 187.5 km. On that occasion, traffic condition of Kunming will improve a lot, and so do the quality of the city.


CSR Urban Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Kunming in July, 2010, a joint adventure by two parties, CSRHong Kong Co., Ltd. and Kunming Rail Transit Co., Ltd., with CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. functioning as investor and provider of high end urban railway technology. When all projects are finished, Yunnan will be equipped with 200 vehicles, annually assembled, un-wheeling repair capacity of 200 vehicles, and overhaul repair ability of 150 vehicles. 

The off-line of the first train made by Kunming CSR Urban Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd., which was also Yunnan’s first train in urban rail transit industry, will enhance the transformation and upgrade of Yunnan traditional industry, boost the development of Yunnan strategic new industry,  promoting industry structure optimization and the transformation of economic development mode. Under the guideline of strategic cooperative frame between CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive company and Yunnan province, Xu Zongxiang said that Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive company will desert all its efforts to make CSR Urban Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. the biggest research, development, manufacturing and overhaul base of urban railway vehicle and motor train unit in southeast of China, to explore railway transportation equipment market in Southeast Asia, South Asia and countries of other regions, and contribute substantially to the goal of big improvement of Yunnan industry and the road of new industrialization in Yunnan.