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CSR held offline ceremony for its 500th export locomotive

CSR held offline ceremony for its 500th export locomotive

August 17, Ziyang company held a grand ceremony, at the final assembly vehicle delivery line of the Locomotive Business Unit, for the coming off the assembly line of the 500th export locomotive and the locomotive exported to Australia Bradken company.

At the ceremony, Steven Cantwell, general manager of Railway Business Unit of Australia Bradken company, Andrew Allen, general manager of the Planning Department, Wu Piguang, deputy director of Economic and Information Technology Committee and deputy secretary of Party Committee of Sichuan Province, Zhao Yongtao, vice mayor of Ziyang City People’s Government, Ren Lijun, director of the Ministry of Railways in Chengdu Locomotive & Rolling Stock Acceptance Office, and Luo Yanming, president of the Ziyang company performed ribbon-cutting for the locomotive coming off the assembly line. The top management team in office of the Ziyang company, the leaders of the share controlling and holding enterprises and the restructuring companies, as well as the leaders and employee representatives from various units of the company, 500 people in total, attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Xiang Jun, general manager of Ziyang company, said: a total of 500 diesel locomotives have been exported since the locomotive was first exported in 1992. Over the past 20 years, the company’s export business has realized the ‘three transformations’: from pure product exports to technology output, from traditional products to high-end products, from exporting to developing countries to exporting to the developed countries. Those achievements of Ziyang company in overseas export are from support of leadership and trust of users.

Stephen Cantwell pointed out that every time he went to the company, he would be touched by the strict working attitude, superb technical skills, and full enthusiasm for work of the working staff on the site, as well as impressed by the company’s advanced technological equipments. He is firmly convinced that, once the SDA1 locomotive developed in CSR Ziyang Co., Ltd. wins a good reputation in Australia, the locomotive sales will grow rapidly.

Zhao Yongtao, vice mayor of Ziyang City People’s Government, pointed out that Ziyang City Party Committee and Municipal People’s Government attached great importance to the cooperation between CSR Ziyang Co., Ltd. and Australia Bradken, and would fully perform the functions and responsibilities of local government so as to provide quality services and good guarantee for the cooperation projects between the two sides and fully realize win-win cooperation.


Wu Piguang, deputy director of Economic and Information Technology Committee of Sichuan Province expressed the hope that the company took the 500th export locomotive coming off the assembly line as a new starting point to further improve the capability of independent innovation, optimize the industrial structure and expand foreign trade exports, thus making new contributions to boosting the economic development in Sichuan. Sichuan Province will continue to improve the investment environment and give strong support on funds and policies for key scientific research projects to promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of the industrial economic structure in Sichuan.

After the ceremony, Ziyang company held an exchange meeting with Bradken company. Steven Cantwell pointed out: at the request of the related users, Bradken finally chose CSR Ziyang Co., Ltd. as a partner after a world survey, and purchased two SDA1 locomotives from the company for rental to their end users for trial. Australia is a new market for the company, and entering its locomotive market is an important milestone; once the locomotive gains a firm foothold in Australian market, the company will show the world that “Chinese locomotive”, with its reliable quality and advanced performance, will also have tremendous opportunities.

Andrew, general manager of Planning Department in Bradken company said: as a new product, the locomotive must be in need of improvement in some aspects, and the two sides should, as always, strengthen communication and cooperation and perform continuous improvement to improve the locomotive quality. Bruce, the project manager of Bradken company, stressed that to ensure reliable locomotive application, Ziyang company was expected to strengthen the after-sales service work; that Bradken company would use the existing locomotive & rolling stock maintenance facilities to provide maximum assistance to Ziyang company; and that Bradken company sincerely hoped to have in-depth cooperation with Ziyang company in areas such as locomotive maintenance to expand the Australian market together.

At the Exchange meeting, Xu Dexiang, chief engineer of Ziyang company introduced the design, manufacturing and quality control of the SDA1 locomotive. Xiang Jun, general manager of the company said that cooperation between the two sides already has had a good start, and Ziyang company would further improve locomotive performance, deepen cooperation with Bradken company, and further expand the market.