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Milton Keynes welcomes new herd of cows

Milton Keynes welcomes new herd of cows

Travelodge has presented Milton Keynes with a new herd of life-size cows to celebrate its 18th anniversary in the town and the opening of its fourth MK hotel.

The original Milton Keynes world-famous concrete cows, which were created in 1978 by Canadian artist, Liz Leyh were moo-ved earlier this year from their town centre home to the MK museum.

This move has upset local residents and visitors as they miss seeing the cows in the town centre. 

When Travelodge heard how sad local residents were that the cows had left the town centre, the hotel chain went to market and purchased a new herd of cows. 

The new MK cows were presented to mayor of the Borough of Milton Keynes, Councillor Steve Coventry, at the official opening of Travelodge’s fourth and largest hotel in Milton Keynes, which is situated in the heart of the town centre at The Hub.   


The hotel chain has built a bespoke meadow themed outdoor room for the cows to reside at, which is located outside Milton Keynes at The Hub Travelodge hotel, on the piazza overlooking the water feature. 

The room features a grass carpet and a meadow print wall.

Coventry said: “I am very grateful to Travelodge for the opportunity to officially open its new hotel in Milton Keynes. I think it’s fantastic that Travelodge have donated a new herd of cows to the town as we are all very much missing our original set now they have retired to Milton Keynes Museum. 

“The addition of the new Travelodge hotel will have a positive impact on Milton Keynes by providing employment for many local residents. The hotel is in a fantastic location at The Hub, providing easy access to the shops and offices in Milton Keynes’ city centre.”

Milton Keynes at The Hub Travelodge offers a range of rooms which includes: family, double and accessible.